Burlingame Rodeo

Burlingame sprouted to life on the near perfect spring weekend that hosted the town’s annual Rodeo Days celebration on May 20 and 21. The amount of activities and community member attendance both increased greatly from recent years. “There has been a tremendous improvement,” said David Prescott, a member of the Burlingame Saddle Club and President of the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce. Prescott assisted in who contributed planning events for the weekend. “The reason (for the improvement) is the working together of the strong group of people in Burlingame.” Rodeo Days kicked off Friday evening with the first night of the rodeo. On Saturday, the true celebration began with a day full of activities for those of all ages. Around 40 vendors, who sold everything from food to clothing to knick-knacks, lined a one-block section of Santa Fe Ave., Burlingame’s main street. Inflatables, mini-train rides, a book sale and a quilt show were also packed along the street. “Many of the vendors said they wanted to come back next year,” said Mark Hecht, who helped organize the Rodeo Days events. “We are building on the event for next year. Overall, this year was an awesome day thanks to the full participation from the community.” More *************************************************************************************************

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